Grand Turk


The Blue Spruce Almanac - An overly ambitious collection of information on Colorado and the West.

Colorado Internet Sports  - A directory of Colorado pro, college and amateur sports information

Grand Turk Radio
- A catalogue of fantastic regional music

Beer Science
- new online homebrew resources

Newspaper Art - Public domain clip art and ads from the early 20th Century

Ewy's Playhouse - Jared Ewy's new home of comedy and commentary

Dennis Bloomquist
- Colorado freelance writer

Bob James - former flat-track motorcycle champion, all-around good guy

Dan and Irene - intrepid explorers of the far North and elsewhere

Other Resources

The Roadhead Chronicles  - Mike Marino hits the literary road less traveled. Gun it.

The Colorado State Fair - A hot time at the hottest time of year. 

Fairlamb House - A superior bed and breakfast in Delta, Colorado

Cardiology Now
- State-of-the-art cardiology testing and evaluation

Pascetti Steel Design - custom work stations and other funtional and artistic welding work

Boris McCutcheon and the Salt Licks - A great songwriter and his band, featuring the fabulous Brett Davis on guitar

Bluegrass on the River - Pueblo's own bluegrass festival

Truckstop Souvenir - songwriting duo of Dennis James and fiddle player Lauryn Shapter

Jason Galvin - internet solutions, dude. (That's what he says. I trust him anyway.)

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